Submission Guidelines

The following constitute Submission Guidelines for submissions made to the International Journal of Law and Management Studies (IJLMS). We invite submissions, but must strictly adhere to the following guidelines.

Types of Submissions

  • Research Papers: They must engage with the broad theme and title and cover the ambit of existing literature extensively. They must cover current practice, identify gaps or concerns and offer reasonable solutions or assessments and alignments. Theoretical pieces are also welcome as part of Research Paper submissions. Research Papers must be made within 5000 words, including footnotes and references.
  • Articles: They are typically more concise in scope and cover the existing issues, outline them with the support of a brief literature review, outline the key issues dealt with in detail and present innovative insights and intuitions on the topic. They offer arguments for and against a view point and present legible conclusions on the said topic. Articles must be made within 5000 words, including footnotes and references.
  • Case Studies/ Comments: These are case studies or comments made about a particular issue, subject, case, study or a particular judgment or order which outlines the key facts concerning the issue or case, identify key reasonabilities or issues, and present the reasoning and analysis for reaching particular conclusions. Case Studies or Case Comments must be made within 3000 words, including footnotes and references. 
General Instructions

  • Research Papers and Articles must include an abstract of at least 200 words, along with at least 3 keywords relevant to the particular subject or topic; 
  • Co-Authorship is allowed to a maximum of 5 (five) authors, with additional cost of Rs. 250/- per author over 2 (two) authors;
  • All works must be original and unpublished, and must not be pending for review before any other journal. Any form of plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification for publication in IJLMS.
  • The Authors will be solely responsible for any dispute arising out of my/our manuscript including copyright, defamation, objectionable content or contempt and agree to suffer the loss, if any, caused by violating copyright or any other rights.
  • While it is advisable to adhere to the word limits of each category, the journal may be flexible on the word limit depending on the quality of the article.

Formatting Guidelines

  • The first page of the manuscript must contain the name of the paper, name of the authors and institutional affiliation followed by an abstract, as per the guidelines set out above; 
  • The second page must commence with the introduction and main content of the manuscript; 
  • The name of the authors along with institutional affiliation must be mentioned in the Manuscript; 
  • Main body of the Manuscript must be in English, Times New Roman, Size, 12, 1.5 Line Spacing and Footnotes in Times New Roman, Size 10 with 1.0 Line Spacing. All headings must be uniform.
  • Footnotes/ citations may follow a uniform and consistent methodology. 

How can you submit?

You may submit your article by sending the same to or by using the Submission Form mentioned below. 

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